Cell Phone Frustration

I don’t know why adding air time to my cell phone has to be so frustrating. But I’m ready to pull my hair out.

First I tried to do it from the phone. I’m stopped dead in my tracks because I have no idea what my serial number is. I can’t find it on the phone anywhere. It took a lot of effort but I eventually got the battery case open but it’s not in there. I tried to call the phone company, again using my cell phone, but was brought up short by needing a PIN number I don’t think I’ve ever heard.

So it was off to the computer and the website of the phone company. No joy there either. Can’t find a place where I can send an email message unless I have that blasted serial number. What’s a person to do?

If I call, I get caught up in menu hell with no way to reach a live person. All this frustration is not helping my blood pressure. You can be sure if I ever find or learn that serial number, I’m writing it down somewhere so I can find it.

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One Response to Cell Phone Frustration

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Have you tried looking up your service provider on gethuman.com? Sometimes they have “codes” you can type in (like * plus 0) that will actually take you to an operator – the companies don’t want people to know about those codes but sometimes with a little hunting you can actually get to a real person.

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