Odds and Ends

I missed posting on Tuesday due to working as an election judge for the municipal election. We only had 203 voters come out to vote. We have over 3,000 voters eligible in our area of responsibility. Guess it’s a good thing they feel the 203 who came are going to do the right thing. This is the election where mayors are elected, local taxing issues are determined, members of various boards like the ambulance and fire districts are decided, etc. It was interesting that one guy was running for two different board positions but wasn’t a good candidate since he had not paid his personal property taxes. I’m glad to report he didn’t get either job.

We have a good group of election judges so the day has some good points to it. This time it almost turned into a laptop seminar. Several members have iPads and one young woman is quite knowledgeable about Macs and other Apple products. She helped them set up their laptops, gave instruction in how to set up good passwords, etc. Another judge knew that our local K-Mart is going to close. All of us were saddened by that … but none of us shop there very often. Seems to me we’re getting what we deserve.

I was supposed to tutor JW this morning. As I was getting ready, the phone rang. I didn’t recognize the name on the caller ID but answered anyway. It was JW’s teacher, calling to let me know he was absent so I wouldn’t make the ten-mile trip to the school for nothing. She made a comment about how she wished he’d come to school more often. I wonder why he’s absent so much. He doesn’t seem to be a sickly child. I did appreciate her letting me know. I was going to have him start working on writing his own book and had gathered up some magazines to use as resource material. I just save that project for next week and hope he comes to school enough so we can finish it before the semester is over.

Spring is making tentative inroads. My forsythia is blooming. It’s not blooming with abandon but there are yellow flowers on the bush. My heart always lifts when I seem the forsythia blooming.

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