Easter is Almost Here

Tomorrow (Sunday) is Easter. Are you ready for it?

Yesterday at the store, people were buying baskets and candy. In the checkout line the woman standing next to me nodded at the man in the next lane. He had four empty baskets on the counter. She said, “Grandchildren.” I assumed she based her remark on his having grey hair.

One of the women in our small clutch of women said, “We always saved our baskets and used them again.” I remarked that perhaps the man was in the same situation as my sister. She makes a basket for her grandson. He takes it home with him and she never sees it again. So she was going to Dollar Tree to buy another basket.

But candy, basket, bonnets and dresses aren’t the only things we need to prepare to celebrate Easter. Have we prepared our hearts to celebrate the Resurrection? Do we really understand that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the reason for the holiday and that it is because of his sacrifice on Calvary that we can have salvation? If you haven’t given some thought to the real meaning of Easter, I encourage you to do so. Then you can truly celebrate Easter with joy.

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