Concert Saturday Night

I had a ticket to the Symphony for Saturday night’s performance. I was really questioning going since the weather forecast was so iffy. However, the snow wasn’t supposed to start until midnight and I figured I’d be okay with an umbrella for the rain … if it came. So off I headed to the Symphony.

What an enjoyable concert! The music was mostly modern but the program was well thought out and the pieces worked with one another. The first one was a substitution because the trumpeter who had a lot of solo spots in the listed number was ill. Adagio for Strings was substituted and was most enjoyable. The next number was a flute concerto with the solo flute taken by the principal flute in the orchestra. The man is a topnotch performer but I’m turned off by his very — to my mind — approach to his wardrobe. He had on a black shirt and trousers with a grey tie but no jacket. His lack of jacket was mentioned in the review in the newspaper. The orchestra is just back from a concert tour in California. He performed this same piece there and again is informal attire for his solo was mentioned in the online review.

During intermission I treated myself to a slice of Snickers cheesecake in the lobby. Yummy! I was even able to find a chair to sit and eat it which was nice since juggling the plate, my cane, my purse, etc. would have been difficult.

The first piece after the intermission was a violin concerto, played by the concertmaster. He is a real “professional” performer, I think. He was not dressed in formal performance tails but wore a black suit and looked suitably professional. His playing of the concerto by Bernstein was superb. The concert concluded with four dance numbers which reflected the American west and they were just good fun for orchestra members and the audience.

There was one annoying thing during the evening. The woman sitting next to me was complaining about being hot. I thought maybe she was having hot flashes since I was comfortable. She had bracelets on both wrists. On her right wrist was a bracelet with a bangle on it that “tinkled” was she fanned. Her left wrist sported a charm bracelet. Needless to say, the noise made by her bracelets was noticeable in the concert hall, especially during quieter moments. A woman sitting four (empty) seats away from me came over during intermission and asked her to remove her bracelets because of the disturbance they were causing when she fanned herself. She didn’t remove the bracelets but she didn’t fan any more either.

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