It’s been a busy day but finally …

Today has been busy.  It started with tutoring JW.  The book we read about the Shy Little Kitten was rather long so he preferred I read it to him.  That was okay with me.  Having someone read to you is rather nice, I think.  I didn’t have a craft project for him today but did have a game we could play.  It involved flipping a coin to determine how many spaces you could move on the game board.  The square you landed on had something you needed to do, usually a math problem but sometimes a spelling question or identifying the object pictured there.  JW seemed to enjoy it.  Then we used the matching cards in a different way, picking a card from each other’s hand and finding its mate in our own hand.  So I think we had a good session.

Once I left the school, I stopped by the Social Security Administration office to get a paper I needed so I could complete my tax preparation.  What a strange office!  I went there yesterday afternoon but they were only open until noon.  I think they closed at 3 p.m. today.  The thought crossed my mind that perhaps their abbreviated hours were part of the budget process Congress is trying to put through or maybe it’s part of the sequester.  At least I was able to get my paper with a minimum of fuss.

Back home I grabbed a quick sandwich and then headed out to a diabetes support group meeting.  The topic was on portion sizes and it was interesting to see how the portion size has grown over the years. 

Home from there and it was time to tackle the tax papers.  I just hope I got everything the accountant needed in the package.  I was terrible about filing things during 2012 — haven’t been all that great so far in 2013, shame on me — but I finally gathered up what I had, completed the workbook and called the accountant at 6:30 p.m. to see how long he’d be in his office.  He was going to be there until 7:30 so I jumped in the car and dashed out with my papers.  It’s a relief to have that chore completed … finally.  I just hope I have everything he needs in that packet.  If I don’t, he’ll call me.  Maybe I should do some filing in the next few days, what do you think?


Once the tutoring

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