Blog Reading

I find the blog reading can sometimes lead me down paths I’d never travel otherwise. Is that true for you? The writers of those blogs introduce me to sewing patterns, books to read, places to visit and who knows what else. But I got to thinking about how I read them.

I have a long list of blogs bookmarked. Some I read every day. Others I haven’t read in months. Why do I keep them on the list? Why don’t I delete them?

Some blogs are updated regularly. These are the ones I most enjoy reading. Some of the ones on my list haven’t been updated in months. I think I’ve decided that if someone hasn’t updated their blog in a year, I’ll go ahead and delete it. But I’ll probably always wonder what happened in life that caused the lapse from writing the blog.

Do you read more than one blog? How do you decide when to delete one from your reading list?

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1 Response to Blog Reading

  1. vicki says:

    I believe there are over 300 blogs on my blogroll! There used to be quite a few more than that, but as people have abandoned their blogs I’ve also deleted them from my list. I have lots of categories and generally add a bunch when I become interested in something new… doesn’t always last. 😉

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