North to Alaska

Last night’s travelogue was on Alaska. This was not the first travelogue on our 49th state I’ve seen but it was the best, I think. The photographer captured wonderful pictures of wildlife from all across the state. We saw the bears catching salmon as they leaped up a waterfall. We saw tiny insects swarming as the fireweed turned to seed. There were pictures of adorable baby bears tumbling around, looking like you’d want to pick them up for a hug. A regal bald eagle surveyed the fishing possibilities from a tree. It was wonderful.

People weren’t ignored. There were a few shots of Anchorage. But the best were the pictures of people in small towns you never heard of. A visit with one man who has a sort of wildlife refuge were very interesting and informative. Somehow I wouldn’t let a wolverine show affection to me by biting at my throat but he did. We saw the pictures.

There was one sad note to the evening. As I was leaving, I saw a woman who sat near me a few years ago. She was alone so I asked after the other people who came with her back then. She told me her husband passed away last year. That made me a little sad. But she had found some other friends to come to the travelogue with so was getting on with her life.

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