I Feel Stupid

Don’t you hate feeling stupid? Joann’s, where I teach knitting, has changed their system. Instructors can now log in to the system to learn when/which classes are scheduled. This should be helpful, right?

Well, so far it hasn’t been. I followed the log-in instructions. I was to change my password. I did that. Got logged off somehow and now I cannot get logged back in. Every time I try, I’m told to change my password. I do but it makes no difference; I still can’t get logged in.

I’m caving in on Monday and calling the help desk. In the meantime, I feel pretty stupid and I’m tired of trying to think up new passwords. At this point, I don’t remember the last one I used.

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1 Response to I Feel Stupid

  1. fillyjonk says:

    The password system seems to be a real weak link in some computer interfaces. We have a new reporting system (“Early Alert Reporting” or EAR) for students in danger of failing our classes or who are not attending…..It gave me major problems logging in because I hadn’t changed my password for the campus system “recently enough” but it never SAID that, until I finally, in desperation, tried changing my password. That after calling several different people and being told either “That’s weird, I don’t know how to fix that” or “Maybe it’s because you use Firefox” or a multitude of other things.

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