Snow Day

We’re having a real snow day today.  You might also say we’re having a sleet and freezing rain day as well.  For several days the weather folks told us a severe winter storm was coming on Thursday.  They got it right.  The sleet and snow alternate.  You can hear the sleet pecking away at the windows for a while.  Then things get quiet and the snow falls.  At first, the street and driveway were white from the sleet but the yard just had a little bit in the grass.  Now the storm has switched to more snow and the grass is covered as well.  I’m not sure how much we’ve gotten or how much we’re supposed to get.  Thankfully, the freezing rain hasn’t shown up yet and I hope it skips us.  Sleet and snow are easier to manage than ice. 

In the meantime, the road folks have had crews out since last evening preparing the roads with brine and salt.  Everyone has been advised to stay in if it is not necessary for them to go out.  So I’m taking a leisurely day at home and thinking this might be a good day to make a big pot of soup.  Soup and cheddar biscuits sound like a delicious dinner.


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