Knitting Projects Lanquish

I have a couple of knitting projects which are languishing. One is a scarf I’m knitting for the woman who sits in front of me at church. She asked if I’d knit this particular scarf for her and provided the yarn. I’m closing in on finishing it and just really need to buckle down and work on it. I hope she likes the scarf once she gets it. I don’t care for the yarn she selected which is probably why I’m not more enthused about knitting it. I suspect she will find it scratchy to wear.

Some months ago I started a baby sweater. The child it was intended for has outgrown it by now. Of course, the young wives at my church continue to have babies so if I’d get my act together and finish it, I’d have a gift for one of them.

In the meantime, I’ve been invited to a baby shower on March 2. I am not going since I’ve not knit a gift for at least the last three babies and I don’t want to show up at this shower with a gift. I don’t want any of those young mothers wondering “Where’s my gift? What’s so special about her that she got a gift?” So I’m not going. This particular mother-to-be has already told me she is expecting a special knit gift from me so … what to do? I’m thinking maybe I’ll do a broomstick lace baby blanket. That should go fairly fast and I have lots of cream color Pound of Love yarn in my stash I could use. I can always give it to her once the baby is here.

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned the sweaters I’ve started for myself which haven’t been completed. There’s at least three of those. Maybe if I’d finish these smaller projects, I’d get my enthusiasm back for knitting my sweaters.

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