Post Office Changes

I don’t like hearing that Saturday mail deliveries will be a thing of the past come August. My day tends to revolve around the postman delivering mail to the box at the end of my drive. I don’t get many packages so I’m not so keen on that part of the deal.

I understand that email and online bill pay/banking has cut drastically into the revenues of the Post Office. But surely there’s something that can be done — other than a gigantic rate increase — to get it solvent and keep it that way. I suspect a lot of the problem is pensions for former employees requiring funding. Might I suggest that those “old” employees do us the favor of deciding that now is the time to meet their Maker?

Since I doubt that anyone would support that suggestion, I have another one. Why not sell things in the Post Office other than mailing supplies, particularly in those Post Offices in small towns that the current Administration wants to close?  I remember being in England and going to the Post Office. They sold some groceries, stationery, cards, ice creams, etc. I can see a coffee shop in a Post Office as well as adding those other items. If the town is small, there might not be a big enough market to make that idea feasible, though.

In the meantime I will do my part to keep the Post Office solvent by mailing my payments, writing letters and cards, and sending any packages I have that need to be shipped.


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3 Responses to Post Office Changes

  1. kristieinbc says:

    I see I missed your birthday, so Happy Belated Birthday! I wanted to tell you that Canada hasn’t had Saturday mail delivery for ages. When I first moved up here over thirty years ago I found it very odd. Now I find it odd when I go visit my mom in Spokane and she picks up her Saturday mail. I think you might be surprised and find you don’t miss it at all once it is gone.

  2. Kiwi says:

    There is talk of our mail delivery being cut to three days a week – eeek! One hopeful person is assuming that will mean that he would only get half as many bills. Our post offices fell from sight a good number of years ago but now appear as Post Shops usually within another business. Within a few km we have Post shops in a video/dvd rental store (great as they are open seven days a week) at our local pharmacy, a local bookshop and one is actually with a bank. In effect we seem have more outlets than we did with dedicated post offices. So all will not be lost if your POs close and think of the pile of mail you will receive after the weekends!

  3. Mary Ann Powell says:

    Whoa there – if the solution is for “old” employees to meet their maker, what about those of us whose main income is an annuity from a deceased dedicated postal worker’s years of service? Cutting out Sat. mail seems a small price to pay although I have doubts as to whether it will help our floundering post office all that much.

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