Who Would Have Thought

You know, sometimes things happen that you never would have imagined. This morning, I had one of those experiences.

I was teaching a knitting class. There was just one student. She looked vaguely familiar but I really didn’t remember or recognize her. When I saw her name on the registration sheet, I remembered the name. Her last name is the same as the name of a car dealer where I purchased my last car. (It has since gone out of business due to the GM buyout.) I asked if she was part of that family. Yes, she was.

Because this was an “advanced” class, I asked if she knew how to knit. I’ve learned that students sometimes sign up for classes for which they do not have the necessary skills. I was not prepared for her reply. “Yes, you taught me to knit some baby booties at the Northwest Library.”

Oh, my, did that take me back! It has been about ten years, I think, since I taught that class. I only taught it once and haven’t, to my knowledge, met any of those students again.

The other reason her name was familiar to me is that she is the pianist at an area church where I’ve attended some concerts. We chatted a bit about playing the piano as we knitted away. She teaches a “learn to play piano” class at an area college. It was interesting to discuss that while we knitted.

So, you just never know when someone you’ve met before will cross your path again.

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