A Tutor’s Life

Today is the day I go to tutor JW in reading. I was running late this morning — mornings are not my best time — so I called the school to let the teacher know I would be late. When I got there, I learned JW was in a session with the reading specialist and he arrived back in the classroom minutes after I did. Guess it was a good thing I was late. The teacher asked if I could change my time to accommodate his sessions with the reading specialist. So we agreed on a time that I think will work better for me.

I was a little concerned about why there would still be a need for me since he was working with the reading specialist. So I asked him what he did in those sessions. He said they read a lot! They also work on the computer. From those comments I assume the emphasis is on getting his AR (forget what that stands for right at the moment) goals met, etc. There is still room for my activities, etc. which I gear toward the notion that reading is FUN.

I didn’t like the book we used today. It was about patterns and is part of the math books we’re to incorporate. The packet I was given was missing part of the material. The text of the book is just plain silly, in my opinion, but we did our best with it. For the extra activity, since the material for that was missing, we used my letter tiles to make patterns. It was a good thing my session with JW was short today.

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