Treasure at Dollar Tree

I like to think of myself as an avid reader. I almost always have a book going. So it’s no surprise that I usually check out the book shelf when I go to Dollar Tree. There’s something so satisfying about finding a hardbound book for just a dollar.

I’ve found some interesting treasure there. Some books make perfectly acceptable gifts for birthdays or Christmas. Others introduce me to topics I’m unfamiliar with. If it turns out to be a dud of a book, I don’t have a problem with donating it to charity; after all, it only cost me a dollar.

My latest find is hay fever by Angela Miller with Ralph Gardner, Jr. It’s an account of how Angela made a sort of mid-life change of career from a publishing agent to a goat farmer/cheese maker. She maintained the publisher’s agent job while moving to a Vermont farm and starting her cheese making efforts. It’s a subject I know nothing about so it was interesting to learn something new.

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