Am I A Wimp?

I’m wondering if I’m turning into a wimp. Yesterday I did something to my back so I’m not accomplishing much today. I even took a nap after I found myself falling asleep at the computer.

The real question of being a wimp arises because I called the school and cancelled my tutoring session this morning. Today was the first day back from Christmas vacation and somehow I didn’t think that was a good time for me to show up and take the student out of class for an hour.

Another area which is claiming me as a wimp is my cell phone. I have a prepaid phone and need to add service days/minutes to it. I don’t know how long I tried via the Internet to do that yesterday. Not a successful endeavor. So far, I haven’t attempted it again today. But I need to make this a success because I only have about five days of service left. Maybe I’ll work up my courage to try again after dinner tonight.

The other area where I’m being a real wimp is writing the article for the Sunday bulletin at church. I’ve one meager little idea but don’t know how to flesh it out. So I let my subconscious work on that while I try to move without my back screaming at me.

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