Happy New Year

Here we are at the beginning of another year. Is anyone bothered by the 13? I don’t like to think of myself as superstitious but somehow 2013 rather grates on my nerves. A cartoon in the newspaper said that hotels skip the 13th floor so why couldn’t we just jump to 2014. I think they may have had a point. Never mind.

What did you do to celebrate the arrival of this new year? Locally, the Symphony has a concert on New Year’s Eve. It’s held at the Symphony Hall which is right in the area where all the First Night celebrations take place. But the concert ends early enough that you can attend it and still get to some of the First Night festivities. I’ve wanted to attend the concert but haven’t wanted to get in the traffic and deal with the parking issues so I’ve always missed it.

This year I got to hear the concert thanks to our public radio station. They broadcast some of the regular Symphony concerts and they broadcast the New Year’s Eve one as well. It was a fun concert to hear. The conductor announced each piece and chatted a bit about it. The program was on the light side which left him with lots of jokes to make. For a theme, he looked back at various things which had taken place during the year and then interpreted them in music.

While listening to the music, I knitted on a scarf I’m making for a friend. She asked me months ago to knit this for her. She furnished the yarn and perhaps it’s partly my distaste for the yarn that has made me so slow in doing the scarf. However, the end is in sight so I hope to get it to her before long.

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