Snow Day

Yesterday I went out in the late afternoon to run an errand. To my surprise, it was snowing. Not heavy snow but a kind of wet one which mostly splattered on the windshield. It didn’t seem to be accumulating, probably because the temp was just around freezing.

Of course, it got colder overnight so this morning when I went out to get the newspaper, I discovered the yard and bushes were covered in snow. Not deep snow but enough to make everything white. According to the weather folks we’re to get more snow during the holiday weekend. The sun is out right now and there is some melting going on particularly in the spots where the sun is hitting the snow.

It supposedly takes ten inches of snow to produce one inch of water so the miniscule amount of snow we’ve had so far this winter hasn’t made much of a dint in our drought.  But we will take — and welcome — every drop of moisture.  The Mississippi River is so low that barge traffic will have to stop in just days unless Congress agrees to release water from dams on the Missouri.

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