Early Christmas Surprises

I took my car to get the oil changed yesterday. I had called Thursday to make the appointment and was surprised — and pleased — that I could get in so early. I drove in the service bay and was greeted by the attendant who quickly registered my car. As he ushered me to the waiting room, he suggested I get lunch from their company buffet which was set up to the rear of the show room.

What a nice surprise! There was a delicious salad with cranberries and sugared walnuts with mixed greens, topped with a raspberry dressing. There was pasta con broccoli and beef skewers that were tender and tasty. There were other things on the buffet as well but I didn’t want to be greedy so I didn’t taste them. I did take a tiny chocolate nut tart for dessert. I certainly hadn’t expected to get lunch when I took my car in for an oil change. What a nice Christmas surprise.

Last night I attended the Gala Christmas Concert at St. John’s Lutheran church in Arnold, MO. I’ve attended several musical programs at this church so I knew I was in for an enjoyable evening. What I didn’t expect was being guided to the last open parking slot in the parking lot! The attendant said I could park there or else drive around behind the school and look for parking elsewhere. I slipped my car into that spot.

This church has a big music department. In addition to their vocal choir, they have a hand bell choir and a symphony orchestra. Everyone seemed to be in good voice. I heard a few sour notes from the orchestra but even they weren’t too distracting.

What was a bit distracting was the loop of microphone cord handing out from under the conductor’s jacket. It looked for all the world like a tail! I struggled not to giggle. The other distraction was the woman sitting next to me who vigorously fanned herself with the program. It was not hot in the church and she was wearing a thick knitted muffler so I’m not sure why she was fanning. Maybe she was having hot flashes.

Yesterday was a great start to the holidays. Tonight I continue celebrating with a concert at the Symphony. Tomorrow evening my own church will have their Candlelight Service.

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