My Cards May Be Late

My Christmas cards may be late this year. I finally got the annual letter written but still need to take it to be copied. Settled down to address cards yesterday … couldn’t find my card list. So today I need to reconstruct that as well as get the letter copied. I bought postage stamps yesterday when I was at the Post Office to mail a package but forgot that most of my cards go overseas and will require additional postage.

Do you get the impression that I’m a bit disorganized this Christmas? You might just be right!

However, I have all the gifts except one wrapped and delivered to my sister’s house where we will celebrate. She always bakes a lot of cookies and needed to borrow the tins for them from me. Those have been delivered as well. She asked why I hadn’t brought the stockings and the answer was simple: I haven’t stuffed them yet. So after I left her house, I went shopping and got the stocking stuffing items. It wouldn’t quite seem like Christmas if I didn’t show up at her house with something!

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