Spam Phone Calls

I know we all have to deal with spam mail … that junk mail which arrives electronically either in our inbox or on our blogs. I think it’s related to the junk mail the postman leaves in my mailbox outside.

But lately I’ve been getting what I call spam phone calls. I’m here to say that phone calls left in my voice mail with no clue as to who they’re from or what they want don’t deserve to be answered. I made a mistake and did call one back the other day. What a bunch of nonsense I went through before I hung up on them! Then their “quality control” person called me right back. I don’t know why “NO” is so hard for some of these callers to understand.

If I sound grumpy today, maybe it’s a kind of jetlag. The travelogue last night was on the western counties in England. The speaker was one who has come before and is always a joy to hear. He takes good pictures, includes recordings of music he hears/performs on the trip and just makes a lovely evening of our film journey.

The journey started in Bath and it was such a pleasure to see some of the things I saw on my all-too-brief visit to the city a number of years ago. I learned of a Jane Austen museum in Bath I’d love to visit now and also saw some places in the life of Thomas Hardy later in the film which would be interesting to visit. The hike along the coast I could do without although the pictures were gorgeous. I’m just not up to that much hiking.

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