Christmas Party Tonight

The Women’s Ministry group at church is having their annual Christmas party tonight. Instead of exchanging gifts, we’re to bring a gift for a Women’s Shelter. A long list of items was given to us to choose from. I chose to get a bunch of the individual packets of Kleenex. I must have crossed my eyes when I read the list because I’m sure I saw them on there. I doublechecked today … while admiring my gift bag filled with 32 packets … and no where listed are individual packets of Kleenex. Kleenex is on there but no indication of size of package.

Oh, well. I’m sure these packets will find their way into a pocket or purse.

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1 Response to Christmas Party Tonight

  1. Susie says:

    Individual packets of Kleenex may make better sense that larger boxes. Shelters tend to house very mobile individuals, and small packets are definitely better if one is carrying one’s possessions with them. Great idea!

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