Christmas Shopping Nearly Completed

It’s the first of December and I have my Christmas shopping nearly completed? Can this be true?

Yes, it is. Since the family decided to draw names this year instead of buying gifts for each member, my shopping is nearly completed. I still need to buy a gift for a friend I exchange with and something for my great-nephew who wasn’t included in the name draw and I’ll be done.

Now if I were only as organized with the rest of Christmas. Still need to do some decorating and the Christmas cards await my attention. Now that I don’t have to spend any time shopping, I can get busy on the cards.

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One Response to Christmas Shopping Nearly Completed

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Mine’s done, too. I did a lot of it early so I could give my (wrapped) gifts to my brother and sister in law at Thanksgiving for them to take home, so I won’t have to trust them to the USPS. And I carried the presents for my parents up with me at a time when I had more room in my luggage.

    I finished up today finding a couple “special” cards for friends I used to exchange gifts with, but who decided a couple years ago that cards were “enough.” And I arranged for each of my uncles’ families to get boxes of citrus.

    It feels good to have it all ready to go.

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