Quilting the Sky

Today I taught a knitting class. When I was driving home, I noticed the sky. It was a lovely light blue, shading to turquoise, color with hazy white clouds. Across those clouds were contrails as straight and as evenly spaced that they looked like someone had quilted the sky. As I watched, a plane stitched another contrail parallel to the previous ones.

I made a stop to pick up a Christmas present. As I continued home from there, the sky in front of me definitely looked more turquoise in color but the clouds were tinted a pinky-peachy color. Then as the sun set further, the clouds turned dark grey with the contrails almost black across the sky. It was some of the most interesting sky watching I’ve ever done.

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1 Response to Quilting the Sky

  1. AlisonH says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for that description; yesterday evening I was watching brilliant stripes of turquoise and pink across pieces of white, wishing more people could be noticing.

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