Sunday Bulletin Article

Some of you may remember that occasionally I am asked to write the article for the Sunday bulletin at my church. Such was the case for last Sunday. Here is what I submitted:

Another Way to Witness

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to turn our attention to preparing for Christmas. Some people go a little crazy putting up decorations. Others write and mail hundreds of Christmas cards. Hitting the mall to find the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list requires hours of your time and lots of dollars.

Where in all these activities is Jesus, the reason for the season? You might find Him in the Christmas card you select to mail. Perhaps you find him in the carols you listen to. But I’d like to suggest another place to find Him … on your Christmas tree.

You can make your Christmas tree into a witnessing tree if you decorate it with ornaments that remind people of who Jesus is. Back in the late 1950s this style of tree became popular and was called a Chrismon tree. It was decorated with symbols of Christ frequently made from cardboard or other craft materials. Such a tree might display a lamb for the Lamb of God, a rose for the Rose of Sharon, and a cross for the Savior of the world.

Other things you might use as ornaments could include an empty pill bottle for the Healer. A bunch of toy dollars folded into fans and tied onto the tree limbs with red ribbon could represent Jesus as the Provider with the red ribbon representing His blood freely shed for us. Toy compasses dangling from the limbs would indicate that Jesus gives us direction in life.

Decorating your Christmas tree in this fashion would probably spark some interesting conversations among your guests. If they include unsaved friends and family, what a good way to share with them the real Gift of Christmas — Jesus Christ.

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