Volunteer Recognition Event A Success

Yesterday afternoon was the volunteer recognition event for OASIS, the organization which sponsors the reading tutors where I participate. They have volunteers in other areas as well. Instead of a breakfast or a lunch, the event was a concert.

The featured performers were the Ambassadors of Harmony, a barbershop style choir of about 200 voices. Man, could those guys sing! You could hear the pitch pipe giving the starting note and then all those voises would burst forth in glorious a capella music. We shared in a concert that was slightly more than an hour in length. It was certainly more fun than going to a luncheon!

The concert was followed by a dessert reception. A variety of cakes, some cookies and some fruit was set out on tables in the lobby of the theatre. I had a slice of German chocolate cake and a couple of cookies. I haven’t had German chocolate cake in forever and it was SO delicious. There were small cups of what I decided was white grape juice to drink.

The concert ended just at the start of rush hour. This theatre is about 30 miles or so from where I live and the most direct route takes me down an Interstate which is infamous for its traffic back-ups. Sort of on a whim, I decided to try a new-to-me route instead. A state highway near my house has recently been extended and I thought if I took the Earth City Expressway, I would connect up with the state highway. Sure enough, it worked and I got home in a reasonable amount of time without any major traffic tie-ups.

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