Time to Scout for Food

Last week a local Scout left a plastic bag tied to my door handle. It’s time for their Scouting for Food drive. They’ll be back this weekend to pick up the bag. I’m sure they’re hopeful it will be full.

So what kind of things should I put in the bag? They prefer canned items. All the collected food gets distributed to food banks. Thankfully, I’ll be doing my monthly grocery shop this week so I’ll be able to get some items to donate. I usually try to give some tuna fish, canned chili and maybe canned beef stew … main course items. More than likely I’ll add some canned veges and maybe some canned fruit to the bag as well. To a big extent, it will depend on what is on sale at the store since I’m on a fixed income. Helping others makes you feel good and a few cans of food isn’t all that much to give.

I wonder if the food will be distributed in time for Thanksgiving. If not, it surely will be by Christmas. So I think I’ll look for some seasonal items like cranberry sauce and if I can find it, a small canned ham. Even the folks who use the food pantry (and remember, there but for the grace of God could be me) deserve a holiday treat.

If there’s a food drive in your area, please make a donation. If there isn’t a drive, consider making a personal donation.

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One Response to Time to Scout for Food

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I managed to purge all the higher-sodium canned goods off my shelves this week (and also a couple box-mix things, like a couple of fancy macaroni-and-cheese dinners I had) and take them to our food drive. (I figure most people out there don’t need to watch sodium….so someone will be able to use them).

    I think next time I’m at the store I’ll also pick up some tuna and extra peanut butter and things like that to drop off. Ours here runs through the 1st of December and the idea is to try to keep the food banks stocked throughout the winter.

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