Busy Saturday

Saturday was a busy day and I didn’t get to post to the blog. So here I am now, a day late.

I taught two knitting classes yesterday. One was a Kids’ Knit class. The student was a bright 8-year-old who did pretty well although she got a little bored by the end of the three-hour session. I think Joann’s should perhaps change that. Three hours is a long class for an 8-year-old. Another change I’d like to see them make is to add a follow-up class. The course outline they have given me only allows for teaching the knit stitch. But there is no second Kids’ Knitting class for the student to take to learn the purl stitch. In contrast, the adult learn-to-knit class (which I also taught yesterday) is 2.5 hours long and covers both stitches.

Three women had registered for the adult class but only two showed up. Both did fairly well although it took a while before I managed to convince one of them that her problems were caused by her insistence on wrapping the yarn the wrong way. I know a lot of knitters don’t like to purl but this woman took to it like a duck to water. She did better purling and seemed to like that better than the knit stitch.

While at Joann’s I got a reprieve. I had been scheduled to teach a loom knitting class. Now, I’ve never knit on a loom. I had the classroom loom at home with the intention of doing the class project on it. It took a while of studying the book to sort out how to wrap the yarn around the pegs. I had to buy some extremely bulky yarn for the project. Yesterday the class coordinator told me the other knitting teacher had already made a sample so I suggested she just go ahead and teach the class. Her sample was not made with the prescribed yarn and came out too small but, hey, I don’t have to teach that class. Today I returned the yarn to the store after I got out of church.

I came home from Joann’s, sat down at the computer with the intention of writing a post and fell asleep! I woke with barely enough time to comb my hair and leave for the symphony concert. The program was very interesting. It started with a short orchestral piece which was then followed by a symphony by Schuman. After the intermission there was a Brahms piano concerto. The soloist was a large man and you expected him to bang and thunder on the piano. But he could play with the most delicate touch of anyone I’ve ever heard. Another nice part of that number was a solo by the orchestra’s first cello. It was so beautiful. I was a little upset when the piece was over and the conductor and pianist were taking their bows that they gave no acknowledgement of the celloist. But eventually, they did come over and shake hands with him and the applause just thundered at that point. Evidently I wasn’t the only one who thought he had been overlooked.

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