Today I Built A Skeleton

This morning was my time to tutor JW in reading. The book I selected was about Clifford’s Halloween. Clifford, for those who don’t know, is a big red dog. In this book he dresses as a ghost for Halloween.

I like to have some kind of art project to go with our reading. I find coming up with appropriate boy projects a little difficult. However, the other day I received an email from HP that had several possibilities in it. One was making a skeleton. I thought that would probably be more to JW’s liking than making a paper jack-o-lantern. Sure enough, he chose the skeleton.

It wasn’t difficult to do. He had to cut out all the pieces. I helped poke the holes for the paper brads which held it together. Once assembled, we strung some red yarn though the top of its head so he could hang it up. I think I’d be safe in saying the thing was nearly three feet long. JW was pleased … and so was I at how well the project went.

The only thing which was disappointing was how expensive the paper brads were. I stopped at Office Max on my way home from church and couldn’t find them. I asked an employee who asked another employee. He was directed to the aisle which we had already looked in at least twice. Finally we spotted them on the bottom shelf, behind a support pole for the shelving unit. I was momentarily stunned when I realized the price was over $4 for 100 brads. But I needed them so I got them. I think we used about 20 of them in building the skeleton so I suppose it was worth it.

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