Letting In The Light

I had asked my lawn and tree people to trim the bushes in front of my house and also to remove the tree next to the mailbox which had two big dead trunks/limbs in it. I was concerned that a fierce thunderstorm would cause the dead parts of the tree to fall in the street … and maybe even on a car driving past. I didn’t want to be liable for any damages caused by such a thing.

It took them longer to get to my job than I really liked but this week they came. The bushes in front of the house are neatly trimmed but I didn’t appreciate the haircut the rose bushes received. The former owners planted the roses in between the other bushes and over the years, they have grown sort of together. These roses are climbers but I’m not sure they’ll be climbing next spring after their severe haircut. The hollyhocks and forsythia also got a trim.

The damaged tree is down. I was astonished when I realized the lawn folks had also trimmed the lower branches from the tree in the front yard and from the tree alongside the drive. This was not requested by me and I have mixed feelings about the result. There’s nothing I can do about it so I’ll wait and see what Mother Nature thinks about things.

I will say that a lot more light now gets to the front of the house. Glancing out at the yard, it catches me unaware. I noticed that with the mailbox tree gone, I have a much better sightline when backing out of the drive.

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