Summer’s Back

We have had a couple of weeks of definitely autumn … verging into winter … weather. The high temps were only in the 50s and at night it would dip into the 30s. As much as my budget shuddered at the thought of it, I turned on the furnace. I figured I could either give my money to the gas company or to my doctor and pharmacist.

Today, though, summer is back. The high is expected to be 84! The highs for the next few days are to be in the 70s so summer is paying us another visit.

It would be nice if this warmer weather would stay through Halloween. The little ones wouldn’t have to bundle up in their winter outerwear to go Trick or Treating. I wonder how many children really do that any more, going from door to door. I see more and more announcements for Truck or Treating where a group of people set up in a parking lot and the chldren go from car to car, getting their treats from the truck of cars. I suppose that has some advantages. Usually the people there are a known group to the children (and the children to the adults) and the adults don’t need to worry about opening their door to strangers. Whichever way kids in the area do it this year, it would be nice if the warm weather stayed for it.

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