A Eureka! Moment

I experienced a Eureka! moment while teaching a knitting class on Tuesday. This was one of the “project” classes. The topic was a ribbed hat. I was annoyed because Corporate sent instructions which called for ten inches of ribbing to be knitted first.

There’s no way to knit ten inches of ribbing … especially not if you’re a new knitter … in the three hours allotted for the class. All the “neat” stuff the student wants to know happens at the crown of the hat. How do I teach that?

My solution was to do a miniature hat so I could demonstrate the decreases, the seaming, the weaving in of ends, etc. I sent the hat home with the student for her granddaughter’s doll. And I had my Eureka! moment.

In future sessions of this class I’m going to have all the students make a miniature hat first. Once they accomplish that, then they can start on their regular hat.

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