Weather Puzzles

Our weather has really been a puzzle. First we had the terrible heat and drought earlier this year. Then Isaac kindly gave us several days of rain which eased the drought. The temperatures moderated after that too.

Now, we’ve had several days — maybe a week — of nice moderate days, real fall weather. However, yesterday was a chilly dark day with rain — sometimes with thunder and sometimes without — all day.  Made the house feel dank and cold.  Then last night it got downright cold. It was down to 39 and is supposed to be in the 30s again tonight and tomorrow. Feels like winter is fast approaching.

But strangest of all is the behavior of some flowering trees. About ten days or so ago, I noticed the Bradford pear tree planted in the parking lot at Joann’s was blooming. Guess it forgot it is a spring bloomer.

Then odder still, my holly hock bush has put out a bloom or two along with some colored leaves. It evidently can’t make up its mind whether it’s spring or fall. No wonder I find myself puzzling over the weather.  I think I would be wise to put the summer clothes away and get out some winter — or at least warmer — things.

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