Tutoring Season Opens

This morning was the opening of the tutoring season for me. So far I just have one student, JW, who is in the first grade. He seems to be a pleasant little boy.

The first day is always a “getting to know you” sort of day. One of the activities is an “All About You” workbook. One page lists the student’s favorite food. For some reason, just before I asked the question, I thought “Pizza.” Sure enough, when he answered it was “Pizza.” He’s evidently a big meat eater because popcorn chicken was his second favorite thing to eat.

It’s too early to tell how we’ll go at improving his reading but his teacher seems supportive. When she introduced him, she told him we would be doing some fun things with reading. Now I have to live up to that!

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One Response to Tutoring Season Opens

  1. Susie says:

    Congratulations upon embarking upon your umpteenth year of tutoring! JW is a lucky little boy.

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