Tales from the Tire Shop

Yesterday I went to the nearby tire shop to purchase new tires for my car. I was there for about three hours and heard/had the following conversations.

One woman had brought her car in to have an intermittant noise investigated. She seemed to think it had something to do with her brakes. As she was preparing to leave with her car, the clerk told her he had driven the car and the noise was not her brakes. Her comment: “Since the teenagers have been driving it, I’m surprised.”

I had my knitting with me and was working away on a scarf when a man came and sat near me. He asked me what I was making. I told him and he then started telling me about his grandmother who made quilts. This enterprising woman carried her quilting around with her like I carry my knitting. He marveled at how she could sew those tiny pieces together. He said when she gave him a quilt, he put it on his bed with the back uppermost because he wanted to see all those stitches she had made.

There was a television in the waiting area but the volume on it was very low. A little old lady sitting next to me kept saying she couldn’t hear it. She quizzed me about hearing aids and told me repeatedly that she couldn’t hear the television. Once she exhausted that topic, she told me about how she lives in Florida with her daughter, they have a summer home here “on the river” and had just gone home to Florida two weeks ago. She was back because her son (who was with her) needed a car and she was giving him her car. They were getting it safety inspected and getting the license plates changed, etc.

She confided that she was 83 and her daughter was 65. I would suspect her son had to be near 60 based on his grey-white beard. I thought it was nice that she was able to give him a car but I wondered when does a parent’s responsibility end.

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