A Disappointing Trip

Last night was the first in the regular travelogues at Washington U. It was billed as one man’s trip around the world. I looked forward to it but was disappointed.

The man who did the program was the son of a TWA (remember that airline?) employee so had been flying since back in the days when you got dressed up to fly. I don’t know what connection he had to the Cunard line, but he traveled a lot on the QEII. So if he wasn’t flying somewhere, he was on a big ship.

He started off in Los Angeles and then truly went around the world, mostly by ship I think. But his stops in various cities were brief; he showed very little of the countryside unless he was on the TransCanada railroad but even then we mostly saw the track ahead of us and the train entering and exiting a tunnel. I was disappointed that he didn’t show more cities in the U.S. I can’t imagine why he included Reno, Nevada, but left out San Francisco. It was interesting to get brief stops in some cities that I’ve traveled to during my journeys. That brought back some good memories.

He said that this film had not really been produced as a travelogue but more as a memory of his 40 years of doing travelogues. A lot of the pictures in it were shot, not for a travelogue, but for his stock files. He made the comment several times about the days of big auditorium travelogues and implied those days are gone forever. I know the attendance at the travelogues I attend has been diminishing but I think that may be due to a lack of advertising.

All in all, it was a disappointing evening. One good thing, though, was the amount of knitting I accomplished on the scarf I’m currently knitting for a friend.

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