The DRIP Program

I recently heard someone describe his program for party conversation as DRIP. You shouldn’t talk about Diets, Religion, Illness or Politics when at parties. That’s pretty much what my mother taught me except she didn’t have such a handy name for it.

I think it’s probably a good program to follow for blog posts too. However, today I’m going to talk a little bit about politics, something I really don’t do even with close friends. I am so tired of hearing about “battleground states” during this Presidential election. If I understand what is meant by this, there are only about six states which will have any bearing on the outcome of the election, the battleground states. This makes me ask “What about the rest of us? Are our votes of no value?”

I have noticed that my state which is not one of those battleground states is not getting visits from the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. The most publicity we’ve gotten is when a Senate candidate made a terribly ignorant remark about rape. If our votes don’t really count in the upcoming election, do we need to bother to go to the polls and cast them?

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