Comparison Shopping

I suppose most of us do some sort of comparison shopping, especially when we are looking to purchase a “big ticket” item. But recently I’ve come to realize we also need to comparison shop for the small things too.

Now, I live in one county. I mostly shop in the adjacent county. The sales tax rate is not the same in both counties and even varies from community to community. If I shop in my home county, I save money because the sales tax is several cents lower.

Here’s an example. I like to buy a dipped cone of soft-serve ice cream as a treat once or twice a week. In the adjacent county, the price is $1.49 (including tax). In my county it is $1.37. That seems a big difference, to me, for such a small item.

I think I’m going to give up buying my treat in the adjacent county. I can just wait until I get to my home county … especially after my most recent experience. The last cone I received in the adjacent county looked like it had been to Weight Watchers. I’ve never seen such a skinny cone before. Oh, it twirled properly but it was no wider than the lower portion of the cone. In my home county, the cone was as wide as the top of the cone. I felt like I easily had twice as much ice cream and I saved 12 cents at the same time!

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