Another anniversary … of a day I think I’m safe in saying we all wish had never happened. But it did happen. I think it’s good to remember those who lost their lives in that awful event. It is also good to remember the bravery of those involved in trying to thwart the aggressors. We must not forget those who responded to help during the crisis.

Is just reading names good enough? I don’t think so. A more fitting memorial, in my opinion, is to live our lives in such a way that similar events can be prevented, to live our lives in service to our families and our communities, to make sure our children know why this day is important.

Should we make 911 a national holiday of rememberance? No, I don’t think that is necessary. The day the bombs fell on Pearl Harbor isn’t a holiday. Probably for the first years after that and once the war ended, people remembered those who were lost. The Arizona is a memorial in Hawaii and thousands visit each year. So remembering 911, visiting the site in New York and more importantly never forgetting what the U.S. stands for is a fitting memorial.

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