Concert Review

As I mentioned, I went to a Symphony concert on Tuesday evening.  This was a kick-off for their upcoming European tour.  I had the cities wrong in my earlier post.  The conductor, who has a nice sense of humor, said they were doing a two-syllable city tour:  Lon-don, Ber-lin, Lu-cerne, and Par-is.

I enjoyed most of the music they played but they did something by Schoenberg I didn’t like.  It’s extremely modern sounding to me which was a bit of a surprise since it was first performed at the Proms in 1903.  By the way, the Proms concert on Thursday, September 4, will be broadcast by the BBC Radio 3 at 7:30 p.m. London time.  To listen, you can go to or  The concert will be rebroadcast by a local radio station on September 22.

It’s rather unusual for the Symphony orchestra to play encores but they did two on Tuesday night.  The conductor said if we were in Europe, we would have to travel to two cities to hear both of them but since we were nice folks, they’d do both of them for us.  All in all, this made for a long concert.  They had moved the start time to 5:30 p.m. and it was almost 8:30 p.m. before it ended.

The tickets for the concert were free.  I’m not sure how they allotted them.  When I called to get one, I was told they had some left in the balcony so I took it.  I don’t like to sit up there because there is so little leg room.  I was just thankful that I only had to climb up about four rows to find an empty seat.  My ankles and knees were very happy to get out of there when the concert was over.  There was absolutely nowhere to stretch your legs when you were sitting in your seat.  While I was struggling to get out of the seat when the concert was over, some man cam up, seized my arm and hoisted me up … before I even knew he was anywhere around.  He announced, right in my ear, “I have the same problem.”  Once he had me up and out of his way, he disappeared.

I saw something I’d never seen at a Symphony concert that night — tailgaters!  When I turned into the parking lot, the attendant told me to turn right and find a space.  To my utter amazement there were two or three groups of people tailgating.  I’ve never seen that at a concert.  When the orchestra does their free concert in Forest Park, people bring their supper but I’ve never seen that done when we at the performance hall.  As I searched for a parking spot, I saw that the tailgaters were each taking up two parking spots.  I felt that was a little unfair, especially since the concert was sold out.

All in all, it was a good evening.  I’m convinced the orchestra will represent us well.

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    Yeah, really not a fan of Schoenberg here either. Actually am a little surprised he was played at the Proms, which I always assumed was more “light” music, and I find Schoenberg rather heavy.

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