Expanding Knowledge

I’ve had a tiny bit of what I know expanded. Last Sunday my pastor preached a sermon that included the passage about “a bruised reed and a smoking flax.”

Now I don’t know where I got my ideas of what this meant but I always thought the bruised reed was just a reed that had been stepped on or something that caused it to be bruised. The pastor said it really referred to a type of flute or horn that the shepherds of that time played.

The smoking flax reminded me of the flax I had seen growing when I traveled in New Zealand. Not knowing anything about its cultivation, I assumed that at some point the flax would be burned off as part of its normal growth cycle. Turns out that flax in the Scripture means a wick in an oil lamp.

It’s always nice to learn something new.

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1 Response to Expanding Knowledge

  1. Kiwi says:

    The flax wick referred to would be the fibre from linen (linseed?) flax which is in no way related to the New Zealand flax, phorium tenax. The NZ flax was named thus when the first Europeans arriving here called the plant you saw growing everywhere here flax. They had observed the Maori stripping the leaves to obtain the fibre which has a multitude of uses. It was a plant unknown to Europeans at that time. Burning flax is not part of its natural cycle. Our flax provided the Maori with everything except food, unless you count making of nets, snares or fishing lines as providing, and was traditionally only harvested in September, our spring.

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