Reading Blog Questions

I have a fair number of blogs on my favorites list. I try to check them every day. But I’ve noticed not everyone updates his/her blog every day. That’s okay; I don’t update mine every day either.

But I’m beginning to question how long I want to keep some blogs on the list. They haven’t been updated in months, in some cases. I find myself wondering about the writer. Is the blog no longer interesting to him/her? Have they moved on to something else and if so what? I also find myself wondering about the individual. How are they? How’s their health? What’s going on in their family?

One special annoyance to me is when the blog writer posts after being absent for weeks.  Usually he says something like “more later.”  But then he disappears again for weeks.  The “more” never ever happens.

That’s when I question why I keep that blog on my list.  It always feels a bit disloyal to delete a blog from my list but there comes a time when that is the only appropriate thing to do.

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2 Responses to Reading Blog Questions

  1. AlisonH says:

    I wonder; if you give the writer a heads-up before deleting them, it would let them know that their blog was interesting to you in the first place–and that might be the incentive they need to get to it. Not that it’s your responsibility to get them to write. Just musing out loud here.

  2. Susie says:

    I recently deleted a blog I found very interesting to follow. But after she didn’t post for a year, I gave it up. I figured after that long it was well and truly over.

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