Knitting Frustration

Several weeks ago a woman who sits in front of me at church asked me to knit her a scarf. Those of you who are knitters would recognize the pattern she wanted … and gave me. It’s the one which starts with a triangle and then has a doubled section to make a slot. You pull one end of the scarf through the slot to snug it up to your neck. She’s always cold in church and wants it to wear then.

I started the scarf. The triangle part went fine although I’m not fond of the yarn she selected at Hobby Lobby. However, it’s her scarf, her yarn and I’ll knit it. Well, maybe I’ll knit it.

I’ve done this pattern in the past without problem. This time I can’t seem to get past the point where you divide the stitches for the slot. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve attempted that. I’m stubborn, though, and I will get past this point.

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