Another Election Survived

Tuesday was a primary election. I once again worked as an election judge. This is not a difficult or strenous job IF you overlook the 4 a.m. wake-up to get to the polls by 5 a.m. That is the most difficult part of the day.  We worked until almost 8 p.m. so it was one really long day.

The County Clerk said they anticipated about a 15 to 20 percent turnout for this election. My poll did slightly better than that since out of 3000 potential voters, 618 voters came and cast their ballots. Even though we did slightly better than predicted, it is still a sorry statement on the priority citizens put on voting. So many people in the world don’t have the opportunity. Yet, too often, we toss it away.

The results of the election were, in lots of cases, not what I wanted. But we’re now on to the general election in November. Maybe I’ll see “better” results in that one.

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