Feeling Like A Klutz

This week is turning out to be my week of being a klutz. First, I had all that business with the phone. I bought a new phone but cannot figure out how to hook it up to my answering machine. This really shouldn’t be that difficult but I’ve decided that this phone and that answering machine will never work together. Guess I better call the phone company (oh, joy!) and see how much it will cost to add voice mail to my phone bill. The phone will do voice mail but it must be through the phone company.

Next came the alarm clock episode. My clock had fallen (been knocked) off the dresser more than once. This week it started running really slow. I changed the battery in it but that hasn’t really solved all the problems. I set the alarm for yesterday and it did not go off.

So off I went to buy a new alarm clock. I’m working as an election judge on Tuesday and there is no way I will wake up at 4 a.m. without an alarm clock. I hope this one rings nice and loud.

On the good side, I met my friend from Florida for lunch yesterday. We had a lovely chat over our salads. It was so good to see her again.

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