Another Question

I find the craziest things to wonder about. Today finds me thinking about how toilet paper rolls are manufactured. Yeah, I know … who thinks about that? You just use the stuff.

But I got to wondering when I noticed that the one I’m currently using isn’t sliced flat on one end. It has a sort of slant to it. So I got to thinking. Do you suppose they make these huge long rolls and send them through a slicer to make the ones we get in the package at the store?

Since mine isn’t flat on one end but cut at an angle, I think the quality control folks didn’t spot it. But if they had, what would they have done with it? The fact that one end is cut on an angle certainly doesn’t have an impact on using it.

Just something else to ponder.

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1 Response to Another Question

  1. Kiwi says:

    I watched a doco last week called Engineered and it showed how toilet paper was made and cut. So I looked it up and found this short < than 2 mins, video (there are longer ones) showing after the paper is made how it is rolled and cut with these whilrling circular saw blades. A roll just has to be slightly off centre or the blades slightly off centre and you have your angled end!

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