Flat Tire A Blessing

Yesterday I had an appointment at the dentist office. When I came out, I noticed the left rear tire on my car was low. I definitely needed to get it checked but where? Filling stations don’t check tires for you. They are too busy selling sandwiches and drinks and other bits and pieces. So the only thing to do was drive to a tire store. There’s one not too far from my house so that’s where I headed.

When I got there and inquired about getting the tire checked, I was instructed to pull the car into a particular service bay. When I tried to start my car to do that, it didn’t want to start. It had been distinctly reluctant to start for about a week or so but did so with a better grace than it demonstrated yesterday. Eventually, it started and I pulled the car in.

The service guy agreed to check the battery as well as my tire. Turns out the battery had a bad cell in it. The tire appeared to just be low on air and I’m instructed to keep an eye on it. I bought a new battery and had it installed.

So the flat tire was a blessing. Without it, I might have ended up stranded somewhere. Road service is great but nipping a problem in the bud is even better.

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