Disappointment at the Market

My “local” orchard/farm has a market a few miles from me. The orchard/farm is about 35 or more miles away but the market is probably no more than 10 miles. I had heard that tomatoes are WONDERFUL this year because of all the heat. Nice to know it was good for something.

So today after teaching a knitting class, I stopped in at the market, especially to get some tomatoes. It was a little bit out of my way but not terribly so. I was so disappointed!

The red tomatoes didn’t look that good at all. Some weren’t even completely red; some had soft spots. I hunted through the ones on display on the table and finally found three that I was willing to bring home. I just hope they taste better than they look.

Lots of peaches were also on offer at the market as well as some other vegetables. I skipped the peaches because I had purchased some at the supermarket at a more reasonable price. I did pick up two green tomatoes so I can have fried green tomatoes.

I don’t know how long it will take me to get over my tomato disappointment. Maybe I should go back earlier in the day when the supplies might be fresher.

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One Response to Disappointment at the Market

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    We buy our tomatoes from a neighbor who charges $1.00 a pound and does it on the honor system with a scale, some plastic bags and a box for the money. His tomatoes are wonderful! I’ve often been disappointed in peaches and vegetables at roadside stands. I think they are highly over-rated. The supermarket has them cheaper and they almost always look and taste better. Too bad because I would like to patronize the farmers in the area.

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