Fireworks, Anyone?

Most years by this time, I will have heard fireworks being shot off in the neighborhood for at least a week. This year … not any. What gives?

The fireworks tents are up in all the usual places. However, I don’t see customers at any of them. The largest one hasn’t even opened for business yet. I don’t understand this.

It could be that the heat and dryness has caused people to rethink shooting off fireworks. We don’t need any fires started that way. Several of the civic displays planned for this weekend or July 4 have been cancelled due to the weather conditions.

It will sure seem strange if no one shoots off any fireworks on July 4. But I’m glad they aren’t shooting them off now.

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1 Response to Fireworks, Anyone?

  1. Susie says:

    We haven’t heard any here either. I have seen one stand, and Walmart is selling them inside the store. But people are being warned that even a stray bullet can start a wildfire, which has happened this season. I personally think that given the extreme danger of wildfires here, fireworks should not be allowed this season.

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