Weird Question About Weather

Like much of the country, it’s hot here. High temps are forecast to be above 100 for at least the next five days. Now, this is not unknown in this area but we usually don’t get such hot weather this early in the summer. This has led me to ponder a weird question.

We’re also having a drought. Colorado is burning up, literally. So my question is … could those fires be contributing to our hot weather? Are the winds blowing across them — and spreading the fires — be bringing our high temperatures?

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1 Response to Weird Question About Weather

  1. Susie says:

    An interesting question, for sure. I am not a meteorologist, but I wonder if the smoke drifting your way, if it is, wouldn’t tend to lower the temps, if it is thick enough to create a haze. On the other hand, perhaps it acts as a blanket and keeps the heat from dissipating at night. If it comes your way at all, though, it is sure to negatively impact your air quality. Does the prevailing wind in your area pass over Colorado before it comes to you?

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