How To Improve Coffee

I had a business meeting Tuesday at Barnes & Noble in a local shopping mall. I find this to be a good place for such things because it’s a safe environment when you are meeting someone for the first time. As is my custom, I ordered a coffee in an effort to make a token payment for the use of their space.

I ordered an iced coffee, given that the temperature outside was 95. That was the most bitter drink I’ve had in ages! B&N uses Starbucks coffee and I always find that it is too strong for my liking but I didn’t want a hot cup.  I’m puzzled that they don’t brew decaf coffee but I accepted the Americana which was offered in its place.

My meeting went well. At the close of it I took my almost full glass of bitter coffee to the counter and add a dollop or two of Half ‘n Half. Ahh … that’s the secret. No more black coffee but coffee with cream in it is how to drink coffee at B&N.

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